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Weight of fuel used for AI sprint race - Mustang

Jeff F

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Does anyone have an estimate of the volume/weight of the fuel used during an AI race in a late model Mustang? Engine is a stroked 302 (327")


I know the mileage I get on "hot" laps, but I don't know how to estimate the effect of the warm up, rolling start, etc., or how much of the race is spent under green flag racing.


I'm thinking that to be safe I should count on using 10 gallons. Am I in the ballpark?

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From my figures, we have averaged 6-7 gallons used in a typical 30 minute race. I haven't weighed fuel in a while, but I go with 7 lbs per gallon.

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HP depends on engine power.


Can't argue with that.


I figured that all the AI pushrod mustangs would be similar. Can't say the same for you big cube, gas guzzling AIX'ers.

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