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Has everybody lost interest?


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Or have things gone a little "sour" of recent?


I've personally been very busy with some items I needed to deal with. Travelling back a forth, hear and there. Prep'ing the car for the next event(s). Wait till you see it next time. Mind you, I keep doing it. I take on these projects that I think wont take me long and sure enough, 10 days later I'm cursing at myself for starting them!


Luckily I work on a computer all day every day so it's a tad easier for me to get online and catch up on you guys. So, where ya'll been? Waz up?



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I'm growing this 944-spec car rental program. Setting up the corporation, checking account, web site,etc.

Switched the numbers on the red car to #26. Been doing graphics for local customers.

getting ready for the new baby......................

I just thought I'd leave you guys to "talk amongst yourselves."

No racing going on...........

AX tomorrow at the stadium.

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We sure haven't lost interest in Arizona. We should have 10 or more 944s on the track at the 5th Annual St. Johns Grand Prix, over the Labor Day weekend.


Joe, your new list of 944 racers is great ! I hope we can get everyone to send you up to date photos of their cars.

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No loss of interest on this end. Lots of lurking, less typing lately.


Car #68 is having a roll cage installed next week. Engine, tranny, suspension all out. Interior and engine bay stripped and ready for paint after cage. Re-assembly will commence!


Mike is taking his #69 to POC Streets DE & Short track on Sept 5/6. I'll be there to ride along and try to make his first outing fun and productive.


Hopefully there'll be some other Specers there.


Neal Wright

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BOys!!! The olympics have been on ..... Just been a bit removed!! but the love is still there!!!..


HMMMM.. The 944 is going to be getting fixed here shortly!!! Looking forward to the NASA Event the ASRA event there after that! Also I have been on a massive diet and work out program which has been requiring me to be up early and go to bed even earlier!!... So not had the time to the banter!


Watch out I am focused this year with clear head and ready to play!! its been a nice break but I am ready to drive!!




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crazy busy with work as you know Dylan.


I need to get a TON of stuff done with my car in he next few weeks to get ready for the WSIR race. I need to get the 5th gear done as it's killing me to have to huge rpm drop-off with the overdrive 5th I have now. Also, need to get the LSD put in, the alignment done, the mysteriously leaking tire and a lot of other small items.


I am not sure I will have the 5th gear done in time....I have heard it will be good for at least .5 second per lap at WSIR.

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Took a week off and went houseboating at Shasta. Lots of wakeboarding, swimming and eating. Great fun! Drove 11 hours home yesterday but had time to go see Tim and Russ at the Q this morning. I'm planning to be at WSIR as my next event and then maybe PIR too. I've been looking at trailers.


On the way to Shasta I took a side trip to Thunderhill. There was a motorcycle race but I got to see the track. It looks fun ... lots of elevation changes.

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Been working on the #51 car and rehabing my back. Got the car Dyno Tuned and aligned, putting in a shift light, beefing up the Roll Cage, added a strut brace, etc...


Hoping the back is cleared for take off in the next 30 days.......

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