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NASA Timing Transponders

Jeff F

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Can anyone fill me in on the transponders used in NASA?


Talking with another AI racer I understand that it is required, and it is from AMB. From what I can tell from the event registration I can rent it for $50. There is a passing mention of it in the rules, but no details. I can't find anything on my region's website either.


Is it the "TranX260" system? Any preferred suppliers other than direct from AMB? For $300 it pays for itself in 6 races...



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The last three I bought were from On Track Performance. Very well priced there. I don't know if there are different types, but I've always gotten the right one. Use the hard wired version instead of the rechargeable.

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Yes, it is the AMB transponders for club racing. You can rent them or buy them whichever you prefer, and I would recommend the hard wired ones as well, the battery ones eventually start losing there charge when you need them most... at the end of a race


We sell them at all of our events, but the price is pretty much universal, I have seen them on ebay once in a while, but they usually go for almost full price.


AMB has a lock on the market - at least until 2005

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