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AI AIX car for sale


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91 mustang LX last run at Road atlanta june 19/20 with 1st and second place finish in AIX. (Will meet AI spec with current dyno. Painted Jan 2004 all panels intact but normal racing front end paint chips. Mechanically 100%.Will be racing at Roebling Road unless car is sold.

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Located in north carolina 1 hr west of charlotte.


I can email you a "WORD" file which will have way more info than I can post here.


stroker 347 350hp 369 torque built 1/2003 with 100% race laps completed since bujld. Dyno/air-fuel dyno adjusted. 100% reliable since build and no oil consumption even during hard race weekend. I check before qualifying and race. I carry oil to each event but have never had to add any oil. Using mobile 1. I also drive it on the street.

Accusump oil reserve for safety

Aluminum drive shaft.

griggs suspension,koni adj. shocks, various frame stiffening, and polyurathane bushings

Baer Brakes Carbotech Pads (my sponsor) and silicone ducting

Saleen Aerodynamics and paint 1/2004

autopower cage, sparco seat, new belts and net

interior intact except front seats removed and racing drivers seat in place. Battery in floor box but easily to replace to stock location and 4 bolts to put in passenger seat for driving school or street use. (30 min)

All wiring for stock location remains in place.

For weight distribution - AC removed and stored and battery relocated.

No other weight reduction efforts to date.


Save your self the headaches and expense of building from scratch.

This car is mechanically unchanged except for new rear end gear ($175 part) since Jan 03 only replacing consumables such as rotors, pads, and tires.


Feel free to ask for more info.



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