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UNBELIEVABLE! Have you seen Paluch's site lately?

Tim Comeau

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That guy now has pictures of our cars "up" on the driver/number listing without even going to a link!


What the hell else can you do to make your site better?

At this point, we might as well just transfer the rules over to YOUR site and make it the "official 944-spec racing webite."

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Thanks Tim!



How to make it better? Well more pictures and details.

If you want something added let me know. I am webpage novice, but might be able to do it or add it.


I already have link direct to the official rules on my page.

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Hey, how about this?

Can you simplify the site name? The only way to get new drivers to your site to pick a number is to tell them to go to the NASA pro racing website, go to the forums, go to 944-spec, pick one of Joe's posts, hit the link at the bottom of his post.

That's alot to remember.

Any solutions?

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I was a web site builder up until a couple years ago, I could help out with some stuff if you need assistance?



It's kind of a borrowed site Joe has, i.e. he has a membership with Rennlist and gets free storage to use as he please e.g. storing a web site. Just put his link in your favorites and copy the link when you tellnig the newbies?



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Dylan is right. Due to a Rennlist membership I have some free webspace avalible. I can chose to use that space in anyway I see fit (with in the bounds of good taste and probably for non-commercial ventures).


So that limits my address to the long convoluted one. We did have 944-spec.com for while to make things simpler.



Really I somewhat refrain from wanting to my site official. Reason is that I can tinker and do what I want with it. I don't have to answer to any one or feel bad about lots of pics of my car and less of you guys. Everything I have addeded is to be helpful and are things in my easy control. In fact my webpage editor is nothing less than the meager capabilites of MS word. Yeah it sucks, but gets the job done.


Dylan, If you really want to volunter you can take over Admin of the Official 944-spec website. Just talk to Steve Sapareto or Dan Webb. I know they would love someone to do that. If you do choose to do it feel free to steal anything off of my site.


In the mean time will continue with updates and things as I have spare time during lunch!

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Yeah, I'm a RENNLIST member with the same website freebies. I do send people the link. The problem is, when I see them in person, I have to describe it. Maybe I'll start carrying business cards with it written on them?

Dylan, I need a website for my 944-spec rentals built asap. Interested? Wanna trade for those much needed driving lessons you were begging me for?


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