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How about a Legume race report?

Tim Comeau

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All the usual suspects were out of the race for one reason or another? Sound, break down, fual rail, penalty.


Tim Schiling came through for the race win as I understand it. Not sure who won the TT but I understand Rea posted a quick lap and David Hirsch's car is still in full trim and basically very heavy in comparison. Hardly fair for David is what I'm saying.

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The Orange race was actually pretty exciting to watch, but unfortunately it was because of the V3 guys, not the 944's. Kevin R. spun in turn 2 and hit Shawn H. in the driver's door, taking him out of 2nd position. Kevin got the black flag, and Shawn ended up in last place after the first lap. It was the Steve A. vs Steve V. battle for the lead after Steve V. made some great passes in the first half of the race to regain his position that he lost in the GAS fracus in the first lap. Steve V. fought off a hard charge by H20Casa in the last few laps of the race and kept 2nd place as Steve A. won the Orange race. But the most amazing thing to watch was Shawn H. coming from last place. I was up on the hill above the corkscrew and could see about 3/4 of the track. He was gaining positions left and right. He made over 30 passes, and if the race had been 5 laps longer, I'm sure he would have won.


The TT was fun, but I think the highlight was when Joel announced over the loudspeaker that..."one of our experimental cars, a Dodge Neon SRT4 did a 1:47.9". And I always thought that the "EX" class stood for exhibition I guess when a Neon beats a bunch of 911's, it's an experiment

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