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More Questions about HPDE on 8/28/29 ??

Ed Trahan

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Joe, I (and assume the others) got the emails..One minor question...


"if you have non=factory seats, seat belts or harnesses you must ...etc.etc. Refer to the NASA CCR for HPDE tech requirements. Found the NASA HPDE tech inspection form, saw no mention of aftermarket belts, harnesses or seats. Am I MISSING something or is there a form somewhere else. I have two MOMO start seats, Racerwholesale 5 point harnesses. Will these do, as I don't want to show up and be sent home, a sadder but wiser sort of guy. If I don't hear anysort of response, I'll assume what I have is OK.


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CCR - http://www.nasaproracing.com/rules/ccr.pdf


11.4.8 Seatbelts and Harnesses

The seatbelts should be in good condition. No damage may be present on the seatbelts

and they must be the factory configuration. Any harness or any restraint system, other

than factory stock, shall conform to CCR section #15.5, in all respects except for the

expiration regulations. Harnesses that are expired for racing may be used providing that

they are in at least very good condition. The use of a lap belt without any shoulder

restraint is not permitted.


15.5.22 Seat Back Support

A seatback support must be made to hold the seat from going back in the event of a

crash. A plate should be used to distribute the load. No bolts, corners, or sharp objects

should be placed is such a manner that could lead to a possible puncture of the driver in

a high impact crash. Proper design and installation is crucial to safety and it is

recommend that the driver employ the services of a professional race car builder for this,

as well as all other vehicle safety items. An exception may be made for those seats

homologated to, and mounted in accordance, with FIA 8855-1999 standards. Those

seats that qualify for the aforementioned exception must conform to the entire FIA 8855-

1999 set of regulations. This includes a mandatory seat replacement of any seat more

than five (5) years old. Please reference the FIA regulations. http://www.fia.com/


Basically, IIRC that is being added to the rules to prevent someone from showing up with a harness bar and reclining seats where the seat is able to recline back and go UNDER the harness bar, where this would allow your head to smack into the bar. A fix for this is to mount the seat back to the harness bar, preventing is reclining.


I know this is to late for you but maybe it will help someone else.



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thanks for the reply. I've already paid for the day, and have done HPDE with NASA before, with the same set-up. I plan on showing up, and will have to take the chance. Joe Lee, if you don't think the MOMO and 5 point harness will work, please call me at 302-545-7232, as I am leaving to head up to Pocono now, and won't be able to get any emails until Sunday evening.

Ed Trahan

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