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nascar door bar requirements?


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the honda challenge rules discuss the use of nascar style door bars and references the NASA CCR.


The NASA CCR says see the Nascar Rules. I went to NASCAR.com and could not find the rules. the site is all fan based.


does anyone know the details of where to obtain these rules or what the requirements are with regards to number of bars, how far into the door and the number of vertical braces or spacing between bars, etc.?




tom (converting from ita to h5)

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Welcome to HC! Where are you from/going to be running?


When I build NASCAR door bars, There are a few things I make sure happen: 1) The bars come all the way out to either the factory side impact beam, or the door skin; 2) There are a total or TWO NASCAR style bars; 3) I use at least two vertical braces per bar.


Some other goals are that the upper bar mounts to the front down tube at the point where the dash bar is mounted, and the rear of the top bar is mounted to the mian hoop where the harness bar is mounted.


This is a good example or what my NASCAR style door bars look like, and they pass tech with praise. http://www.gotoracing.com/images/roll6big.jpg

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thanks for the pics. it looks very good. however, i have had tech inspectors not always agree with what i think looks good.


it seems to be a bit of a cop-out from nasa to refer to another sanctioning bodies rules. they should have this spelled out in their rules. do i need to carry a copy of nascar's rules to events to prove the legality of my car for nasa racing? seems odd.



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"NASCAR Bars" is a generic term rather than a direction to look in a NASCAR rulebook. The racing community knows that means bars that extend outward to provide for side crash protection. That is why the rulebook says NASCAR "style". Generally for our type of cars we want to see at least 2 horizontal bars with vertical support bars. If you were unaware of that term then you did the right thing to ask and get the information.

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The NASA CCR states


""NASCAR Style" means to NASCAR specification with regard to configuration. For example, the two required bars should be parallel with respect to each other, and contain the appropriate vertical support tubes. See NASCAR rules for more information."


This does not say 'must' be parallel. It does not say how many vertical support tubes, how far apart etc., etc.


Referring to another sanctioning bodies rules seems to be unnecessarily vague.

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