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2001 world challenge mercury cougar race car

jr racing

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2001 mercury cougar world challenge car.


The car is extremely fast and is now well sorted.


Brief specs are as follows:


Chassis started as body in white

FEA done on chassis and cage design prior to cage being built on surface plate by Technosports in Detroit

Custom Autostuff A-arms, camber plates, etc.

Custom lightweight motor / transaxle mounts

HRP cockpit adjustable rear swaybar

Speedway Engineering adjustable front swaybar

Lightened sub frame

Phoenix 10Lb fire bottle

Aeroquip fuel, oil, and brake lines

Full range of springs for front and rear

22Gal ATL fuel cell with aluminum can

Momo carbon fiber seat

Spec Rear Wing

Wilwood Superlite 3 front calipers with 12? vented Coleman rotors

Wilwood NDL rears

Ti or AN fasteners throughout

Dynamic triple adjustable struts

Forgeline wheels - several sets


Engine- $20K Kinetics 2.5L Duratec race engine 290+ HP with dyno sheet.

Ford ECU modified by Ford on the dyno for spark, fuel, etc

Light weight alternator

Headers are custom stainless step headers

Setrab oil cooler

C&R custom aluminum radiator

3Qt Accusump

Aluminum power steering pump and pulley


Transmission- MTX-75 with Quaife Dif and

Quaife Gear set: 1st 2.643, 2nd 1.824, 3rd 1.400, 4th 1.182, 5th 1.040 4.06 and 4.25 Final Drive Ratios


Quartermaster 5.5" 3 disc race clutch

Quartermaster lightweight flywheel

TDI custom high strength axles

Custom high strength inner CV


Fixtures, blue prints, wiring diagrams, Mitchell chassis analysis, records.




2 spare racing gear boxes

1 spare racing engine (250+hp)

assorted gaskets

gear sets

12 wheels

custom built stainless steel headers

spare brakes

all jigs (control arms, engine mounts etc)






Asking $30,000 obo cad

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