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Driver Coach+Engineer Avail for 09/11 Sears Pt. Wknd


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Hello all-I wanted to let everyone know that I still have a few spots open for Driver Coaching and/or Engineering for the upcoming Sears Pt. race on the weekend of 09/11-09/12 (I'll only be available Sat & Sun).


In addition to my decade and a half of Pro Racing experience as a Chassis Engineer, Driver Coach, and Team Manager in Cart/IRL/IMSA, in 2004 I also manage/engineer a World Challenge GT Dodge Viper Team and manage a factory-Subaru NHRA Team. Despite this, I make am making every effort to get back into the Bay Area racing scene now that I have left full-time Pro Racing for a "normal" job. Their loss is your gain!


I had a lot of coaching/engineering clients at the 08/28 Sears Point SCCA event; it was a huge success for MPME drivers.

In the Pro Spec Miata field, overall, MPME drivers qualified 2nd (Rod Nelson), 3rd (Rick Maki), 7th (Kevin Baillie), 26th (Bill Boom), 41st (David Kay), and 46th (Juan Pineda). Between the 2 races, they finished P2/P4 (Rod), P3/P4 (Rick), P21/DNF (Kevin), P17/21 (Bill), P24/P36 (David), and P29/P35 (Juan).


I couldn't have asked for more. Rick Maki even broke the track record in the 1st race! Thanks so much for everyone's great effort!


Let me use my wealth of racing experience with every kind of car help you to go faster and have more fun! If I can be of help to you at either of the September 11/12 event, please shoot me an email or give me a call.


As well, check out my new "Club Racing and HPDE Services" page: http://www.racedataengineering.com/Pages/Club%20Services/Club%20Services.htm




Marshall Pruett

Marshall Pruett Motorsports Engineering


[email protected]


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