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The Future of GTS

Jay S.

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Dear NASA GTS racer:


As you may or may not know, NASA had been in talks with GTS National Coordinator Mark Barr regarding plans to try and expand NASA's GTS program westward in advance of the 2009 NASA National Championships at Miller Motorsports Park. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach an agreement with Mr. Barr and he resigned his position effective as of Monday morning. As such, we will be replacing Mr. Barr with a new National Director and we will continue with our plans and commitment to expand the series nationwide. Racers should see little or no change in their regional programs and there are no plans for any significant rule revisions that would affect car classifications or the conduct of the series. We look forward to working with you in 2009 and invite you to send any suggestions you may have for the series to us at [email protected].


Best of luck with the rest of your season and thank you for your past support.




Jerry Kunzman, Executive Director

Ryan Flaherty, National Chairman

John Lindsey, Chief Divisional Director

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In recent days, the question has come up about whether NASA will continue to run the GTS class going forward in its current form. The answer is a strong yes and nothing will change for the competitors going forward. Cars will be inspected in the same manner, local races will be run by the same officials, and the NASA regions will continue to work with series directors selected by the NASA Regional Directors just as is done with every other series run in NASA like American Iron, Spec Miata, and Performance Touring among others. It is important to remember that you are a NASA racer with a competition license issued by us and you are welcome to participate in any of the 100+ events we host each year. So, you can continue to register as you have for years, show up at the same tracks you've always run, and enjoy the same experience and camaraderie with hopefully an even better reach and with bigger fields than before. Again, we apologize for the disruption caused, but we are confident that there will be no change to the organizational framework or experience you've come to expect from your local region.


Happy motoring.


-NASA National

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