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How long is a typical race?


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First time poster after lurking for a while.


I'm building a Lotus 7 replica and been working with the CCR closely to make it ST legal.

After driving a lot of HPDEs and some time trials with a car that wasn't w2w race legal, I'm building this one for w2w competition after I'll get my license.


My (somewhat dumb) question is really about the size of fuel cell that I'll need in it.

I have no idea what's the length of a typical race and at the same time I'm trying to find out what kind of gas mileage I should prepare myself to.

I imagine that comparing to other cars I'll need a lot less gas since I'm only running a 1.0L bike engine.


The goal is to be able to finish a typical sprint race without the need to refuel, though I might be waaay off in which case I'd appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.





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most regions run races in the 20-40 min range (I've seen SE go as far as 60 min though). Not sure what length the national races were, want to say 40 min...


hope that helps some!

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It sure does!

Now I just need to find out what kind of fuel economy numbers I should expect out of my car.. I posted that question in a more relevant forum though.


Thanks !



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In our ST2 thunder roadsters we use a 12 gallon cell. Our car has a yamaha 1250 made into a 1314 and it has never run out of gas if we remember to fill it . We raced the nationals and in the midwest here and usually never even fully filled it up completely

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Yo Moti!!


When I saw that Blackbird name, I figured it was you. I'm glad to see you're getting that car going and going to have some fun in the W2W racing. Watch out though, if you hang out with me, I'm going to try to convert you to enduros.


Drop me a line at [email protected] .




former supercharged miata autocrosser...remember?

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