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HPDE - Didn't get a logbook but have Tech inspection form?


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This will be my frist time attending one fo these so excuse my newness

I took my car to get checked out and recieved a completed Tech form, but after reading the reservation instructions it sounds like I need a logbook? Can I get one there at the track, do I need to go through the inspection process again? Thanks in advance for your help.

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You don't need a logbook for HPDE. Just make sure you are at the morning meeting and bring you tech form with you the first time you get in line to go out on track.



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Well, welcome neighbor! I ilve in Simi Valley!!! Btw, what are you going to be running for HPDE?

Just to let ya know, if you're running out at Willow Springs (and I guess other tracks too?), you can get your car teched right there in the lineup. Just be there at 7AM and the guys will check everything out for you! You'll still have to line up there anyway to get your sticker...

Catch ya later!


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Ya I noticed once I got there things are't as bad as the website instructions make them seem to be. New car better not have any issues anyway.

And running for HPDE, I assume you mean my car. 2003 Mustang Mach 1

can't miss it

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