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Traction-Lok Clutch Gauge


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I hate to bother you guys with what is probably a tedious question, but I know this has got to be a good place for advice on this topic.


I'm about to do a total rebuild on an 8.8" rear end out of my '98 Cobra. This will be my first so I'm learning as I go. I've gotten all new bearings, seals, clutch pack, TA cover, and ring and pinion (from AI sponsers of course).


My question is related to the clutch pack. Why can't I find anyone with a traction-lok clutch gauge (T80P-4946-A)? I called two dealerships and got nothing. Do I even need to use one? I've seen some alternative methods but want to be sure I do it right.


Please advise (and I'm not interested in having it done for me).

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Are you trying to find break away torque? If so, the simplest way to do it is put a dial indicator torque wrench on a wheel that is lifted while the cars other wheel is on the ground. Turn the wheel with the torque wrench until it moves. That is your break away. The better way to do it is make a tool that centers a socket on all 5 studs and check it there.

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