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2005 rules: Seperate rules for AI and AIX

D Algozine

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If someone feels that this is a worthwhile subject to call it's own, I will post a new thread.

Would it be worthwhile to go to the effort of writing two seperate rules. One for AI and one for AI/X? It would seem some of the confusion including the strut tower thing seem to come from the wording as to which class. Just a thought. I know what a pain in the butt it is to write rules.


Mark started it, I'm just running with it.

Either write up seperate rules or be very explicit by having spcecific AI or AIX headings for each section to eliminate the confusion.

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I'm obviously an advocate of it just for the idea of simplification. I'm sure the original idea was just that. Simpy write one set of rules, but now people(me) are getting confused and it might be easier on the directors to just write one set per series. Thanks for bring it up Dave.

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It doesn't have to be a completely duplicate rule set.


Under each existing rule item we could simply have an AI subheading with explicit rules for that item followed by an AIX subheading etc.



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