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2006 Race Car Hauler with Driver's Lounge


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Additional Pictures have been posted on the Ebay Auction Site. Shows how 2 cars are loaded. The listing is not a mistake. The Generator alone is worth 5K...(Onan 4000watt).

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I plan to be at CMP in February. Stop on By. Bring your Truck...We will hook it up...go for a spin..see how it tows....

Can I just use it for a year to see if I like it?


Seriously, What is the weight (unloaded)? It seems to have a one axle dually set-up. I never seen that. What is the asking price?

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Thanks for the offer of using if for a year. Unloaded it comes in at 14K, Single Axle is great. Most likely you won't see a single Axle on many trailers because of the Cost. The Axle is actually one of those Truck-Trailer Axles. Standard trailers will not use an Axle of this type due to cost. You can turn on a dime & not have to worry about your wheels & tires digging. Now Remember unless you are going to install an air compressor on your truck, the Air Ride Suspenson on this trailer will not work, and will feel like you are riding on a Canyon Road.

i'm @ 26.5K for the set up.

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