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HPDE at Laguna Seca


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To the NorCal guys -


I just signed up for the HPDE event at laguna seca on Nov. 30th. My friend Jon and I will be taking our CRX's up there to chill with you guys and run at an awesome track. We're really excited about it. I'd like to meet any of the NorCal HC guys that are there, so if you see my reddish-orange CRX, feel free to stop and say hi. Anyone planning on being there so far?


Question: Do you guys mind if we run our H4 prepped cars on race tires in your HPDE 4 group? I know there is a sound restriction at Laguna Seca, but I don't think we'll have a problem with that. Just wanted to make sure it was cool to run race cars in your street group.


To the AZ guys -


Let me know if any of you are thinking about heading up. Jon and I are thinking about driving up on Mon the 29th. If there are Phoenix folks going, maybe we can meet up in Phx and convoy. It's gonna be a long ass drive, but I'm sure it will be more than worth the 2+ hours of track time at Laguna Seca they're promising!


- Scott

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You can run the race tires no problem.


Unfortunately, I don't think I will be making the Laguana event. I will be finishing up the final prep for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill which is the next weekend.

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I'm not going to go either. NASA really needs to make that a regular race weekend, not just HPDE. You probably won't see many of the normal NASA racers at the HPDE only event.


In other news! Two new H4 cars huh? THAT IS AWESOME! H4 is going to totally rock! I'm very excited.

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Yeah, we're really excited to join in. We were hoping to start racing in Oct, but Jon and I both decided to put in a little more seat time in our CRXs before jumping into the race group. We're now shooting for joining the race group in Jan. H4 is such a great class for entry level racers. It's not very expensive (relatively) and the cars are fast enough to be fun but slow enough to really let you work on your technique and driving style.


It's a bummer that you guys won't make it, but I totally understand what you're saying. Wasn't there a race-only weekend there in Aug? I remember that Jon and I looked at that one, but we knew we wouldn't have our provisional licences (or the needed experience) by then. It is too bad that they don't do it as a combined weekend, but I'd bet it's hard to get 2 consecutive days (esp weekend days) at laguna seca. Anyway, I'm so excited to run such an awesome track. I've been running laps around it w/ my Del Sol in GT3 almost every night since we started talking about going.

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