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Removing Sound Deadening Material


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So we're Removing Sound Deadening Material from our late model Mustang. After trying the Dry ice method to no avail we used a heat gun to get the Tar-mat out. Now, how do we get the resido/glue/left over black tar off the body. So far we've tried Acetone, Zynol and adhesive remover. Nothing works......... Any ideas?



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Get one of those halogen lights and set it up facing down onto the tar crap. Wait until that stuff starts to smoke a little bit and then scrap it up. I found that to be the easiest way and then go back over with a wire brush.


DO NOT set up the light and walk off because it doesn't take long for it to heat up.

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All Done!!

took forever!!

Heat-gun and scraper to get most of it off then zynol to get the rest and the glue off. no fun but it's done.........


Thanks for the replies.....

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