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01 Roush Bondurant Mustang GT - NEW! - NOT a used school car


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Taking a huge hit at work - the toys gotta go...


Up for sale is an '01 Roush built Bondurant Mustang GT that has just a hair over 700 miles on it. Of those miles, 470 were driven at 50 mph during break-in by Roush and only about 120 were on the track at Mid-Ohio during an HPDE. The rest of the miles were slow testing and cruising.


It was never used in the Bondurant school. It was in storage in AZ along with seven other new '01 GT's. Bob Bondurant initially decided to sell those eight unused Mustangs to the public. However, after selling one to a friend of his and the other to ME, he decided to keep the remaining six cars and use them in the school.


That makes this car quite rare - it's ONE of only TWO literally brand new and unused Roush/Bondurant Mustang GT's in public hands.


Please visit the website below for all the details...




After you review the site please either email me, post questions here or PM.


My like new 2004 24' enclosed race trailer has to go as well. The link above will take you there also.



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My "new" 2001 Roush/Bondurant Mustang GT is now listed on ebay.


Having trouble making a link straight to the listing work - in the mean time you can either search under...


-- ebay listing #2498091500

-- the words "roush bondurant"

-- or visit my ebay store "TEAM SILOGRAM"




It will close on November 9th - check it out.





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