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What class?


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Hi i own a 2nd gen rx7 with a street ported 13b and was wondering what class i need to be in. I thought at first I would be in pro 7, but come to find out that its only for factory 1st gens (unless i missed something). What are the rules for SU? Will I be out classed as far as cars go? Are there any auto x are drifting classes?

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Oh i didnt know it wasnt a race car. Then you can start with HPDE1 and work your way up to HPDE4. They when you are ready you can join us in the race groups.



For Time Trial or AutoX you'll need to look up your car based on modifications. Check out the classifications at the bottom of this page: http://www.nasaproracing.com/rules.html
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Oh i didnt know it wasnt a race car.


Well, he didn't say exactly, so I figured I'd list all the options since he mentioned autox.


Also, regional NASA drift events usually don't have classes, but check with your regional director. You can get more info on the national US Drift series at their site: http://www.usdrift.com


See you at BW this weekend? We're bringing your favorite SE-R out

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