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Comp Licensing


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Can someone straighten me out on Comp licensing?


I have my SCCA regional license and want to apply for a NASA license.

Section 14.1.2 of the CCR indicates that with a regional SCCA license, I can apply directly for a comp license and bypass the povisional and rookie status, is my interpretation correct?


If so, what form do I need to fill out?


The comp license form has a section for a license "waiver" but the ccr only mentions waivers with regards to one race exemptions.


The provisional form has a section ( section 5) indicating it can be filled out if licensed with another group, but 14.1.2 (page 61 of the current .pdf) indicates that a provisional license is not what I should have given my regional license.


Does any of the make sense? Do I complete both forms at this time?




Marcus Miller

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