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2002 Honda S2000 Honda Challenge 1 car


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Wow, I hate to do this, but Im moving off to Hollyweird and I have no where to put the race car. I would rather someone drive it then it collect dust here in Michigan. Its a 2002 Honda S2000 with a whole 2000 miles. This is the world's first Honda Challenge S2000. Also the 2004 Midwest Honda Challenge H1 points champion. The car has a NASA logbook, its ready to race.. Just needs a driver! Im asking $22k/best and I can deliver or ship the car no problem. I can throw in a trailer and jeep for a good price if you need one too. Post here or Email me at [email protected] for more info!


Engine Mods:

-Spoon N1 Exhaust

-Spoon Testpipe

-4.77 Rear Gearset

-K&N Filter in modified box

-Removed AC and Cruise Control and lots other stuff



-16x7.5 OEM rear's bored out (F)

-17x9 Shuk WR1 ®

-245/45/16 Toyo RA-1 Shaved (F)

-275/40/17 Toyo RA-1 Shaved ®


-Gutted and Painted White

-Custom Built 8 Point Roll cage w/ nascar bar

-Recaro SPG Seat w/custom rails

-Sparco 3" 5 Point Camlock Harness

-G-Force Mesh Window Net

-Hot Lap in car lap timer

-Harry's Shift Knob

-Sparco Ring Steering Wheel

-Kill Switch

-Fire Extinguisher

-Wink Mirror


-Grand Prix White/PPG Black Paint job

-Shaved Side Emblems

-Shaved Antenna

-Shaved Rear Emblem

-Shaved Keyhole

-Honda OEM Hardtop

-Big Ugly Wing

-OMP Spring Trunk Latches

-Sponsor Stickerz


-JIC FLT-A2-RS 18k front/rear

-Saner Adjustable Front Sway Bar


-Cobalt Spec VR Pads Front

-Cobalt GT Sport Pads Rear

-Motul Brake Fluid

-Brake Ducts

Vehicle weight 2469 Pounds

VIN: JHMAP11402T001995


Spare/extra parts come with car too of course






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Man you should bring your S2K to California with you. I know of a few people that would probobly rent you space in Orange County to store your car. There is some great H1 competition in So. Cal. Plus there is another S2000 running in So. Cal H1.

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Definitely bring the car out here with you! I am sure you can find a place to house it for a while.


Nothing is more badass than a UHaul with a racecar on the trailer

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