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Attention: Do not waste my time with dumb comments Flame someone else’s post


Its not a DX

1990 Civic ITC



Full Energy Suspension poly bushings

3/4" rear sway bar

Bilsten Suspension, coil overs and shocks

Header is a DC sport 4-1

Cold air injection

Bolt in style welded door bars

Cut off switch

Corbeau racing seat

Front passenger side Axel replaced

Racing brakes, not for street use, warm them up.

Seat mount


Clean Title

Only 2 races on a rebuilt engine

3 years in a row regional winner

HAS HAD Track records at nelson and the glen

Car is very fast



Things that won’t pass tech:

Needs Up to date harness and Window the old ones come with the car (sure you could sell them), also the Fire extinguisher. Also the rear legs of the cage need updated


Overall Comments:

Few places where there is rust near the windshield and few corners of the car, nothing major, again it’s not a show car it’s a racecar. I just uncovered the front driver side turn signal was cracked but they just tapped it up so you can do the same with no problem really nothing important (or pay the $3 to replace it), also the driver side fender has a small crinkle in it but isn’t very noticeable and does not effect the drivability of the car.




Complete Long Block D15 stock engine


Tires (I will have to double check on Tuesday but I am pretty sure that is everything):


All of these are mounted on momo’s

A set of Toyos look to be rain tires (these on the car currently)

A set of Hoosier Dirt stockers

2 Hoosier road race tires


14’s mounted on aftermarket rims

2 set of kuhmos Escta v700’s would be fine for the track

2 spare they are not mounted


Link to pics http://photos.yahoo.com/trigun7469


As you can see the areas where the sound denoting was taken out its primed and will be painted before purchase of the car.


price: I have had a offer for $4k but buyer backed so I am taking

SERIOUS offers, would like to move this car before it snows


*I also have if you are interested in a better seat a corbeau FX1 that comes with the sparco seat mounts brand new never been used for $450 if you are interested its black in color and is a higher quality and better looking seat, also I think its bad luck to use another drivers race seat anyhow =).



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