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NASA GTS on Facebook


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I don't know how many of us have Facebook accounts but I'm finding that more and more of the people I know, as well as those I work with, do.


Although I was very reluctant to do much with it at first, after a great deal of encouragement from a number of friends to give it a real shot, I've found Facebook is actually a really great way to stay in touch with not only people I know well but especially those I only know peripherally.


Like, for instance, probably you.


I have created a Facebook group called NASA GTS which I encourage you to join. In my perfect little view of the world, we might use this as a collection point for a number of things but especially the many videos that all of you have posted over the years.


I don't know about you but I use those videos a lot to learn tracks, analyze my competition, and learn more about racecraft. I think it would be great to have one place to go to find as many as possible rather than having to sift through all the many YouTube, Vimeo, Google, and other video listings.


If you have a Facebook account, join the group (and, if you don't mind, invite some or all of us as friends) and post your videos or photos (or links to them) out there.


If you don't have a Facebook account, here's your chance. It's free, it's easy and, heck, you might get a few new friends out of it! Once you've signed up, also join the NASA GTS group and get your stuff out there, too.




See you out there!

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I joined.


And I posted in the community building board about family stuff. For those with families attending events, read and comment if you so desire.



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