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Looking for Bargain 20' - 24' enclosed trailer


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Like the ad says, I'm looking for an enclosed trailer. Cheaper is better. It doesn't need to look like the Derek Whitis Freedom Autosports monster, because I'm poor. Somewhere in the twenty-to-twenty-four-foot range, in the sub-$5000 range. I will travel in the Midwest or to the SE Region. Thanks!

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Give Bill or Loren at Ekquist a call - small family owned trailer dealer with very low overhead. They have been *very* reasonable, and great support. Very honest, salt-of-the earth guys. Ray & I got our 31 foot trailer there, and they been very supportive. They even helped us out with some emergency welding on one of the race cars the day before a race.

Here's the website: http://www.ekquistracing-trailers.com/

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I have one for sale that's a bit bigger than you ask, but not much.


It's a 26 ft. red Haulmark Race Trailer. It's a 1997 with dual 5500 lb axles. I bought it last year with some damage to the front. I put new panels and trim, replaced the hinges on the rear vehicle door, etc. Inside I cleaned it up, painted it, etc.


I'd take about $4000 for it, I'm in Detroit.


If you want pictures PM me your email...





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