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Infineon Raceway this weekend


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Head Gasket?!?! I heard only valve cover.


how do people get selected for teardown?


i think its the top 3 finishers in the race.


did you guys get an email about it or any thing.

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We didn't get an email.


We will definitely need a head gasket, as the head need to come off. Although, I'm thinking of refusing the tear down, as I don't have any crew this weekend. I don't really care if I get DQ'd as I believe, I have enough points to win the championship (not that it matters considering very scatter competitor).

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thanks, I might take you up on the offer. Also, I'm looking for some crew member, as my current crew have new commitment and will have reduce capacity.


For those interested, email me at andrie"at"gmail"dot"com to discuss the arrangements.

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