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Hyper Fest: Feeling Disenfranchised

George Knighton

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I'm going to register a mild protest that I'm feeling a little disenfranchised when it comes to the Hyper Fest this year.


Time Trials: These are being advertised as a "popular demand" item; however, I cannot find anyone around me who asked for these. In fact, I am prohibited from participating in anything called a Time Trial, even if I make sure I don't have a transponder.


HPDE: Only offering Group One. I've registered for this, but have a sneaking suspicion that it was a mistake.


Hyperdrives: Hyperdrives are evidently designed for novices and experimenters...but so is HPDE 1.


Why Hyperdrives and HPDE 1 at the expense of HPDE 2 and HPDE 3?


I've ended up wondering if people like me are simply not supposed to go to the Hyper Fest.

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Which Hyperfest are you talking about?


At the Cal Speedway there's going to all HPDEs and Shotgun drives- where HPDE4 and TT drivers can take passengers and get a reduced rate.


You must be going to the wrong Hyperfest



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