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Ford AIX powertrain


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Not sure what is going to happen on the job front next year so I'm considering selling the powertrain out of old-n-bused.


395" windsor. Zero balanced. Carbed. Ready to go in whatever dress

you desire - ready to fire up or longblock. Makes right at 440/440 at the

wheels (A/F set at mid 11's) on mid grade pump gas. Mild Hyd cam.

Has had regular 5-7 hour oil changes. Make a fair offer. Smooth reving

engine. Zero problems with it. Price depends on how you want it (FEAD,

Intake Carb, Balancer, Oil Pan, Etc.,,,) With a change in cam and

springs, (especially to a mechanical cam) some real hp could be wound

out of this motor.


Also have super low ground clearance flywheel and clutch setup with

reverse mount starter. One event on new clutch. $1500 P/N INV-352-673-91 can be seen here http://www.taylor-race.com/items.cfm?category=Tilton%20Packages&subcategory1=Ford


Jerico 4 speed road race trans. Does not have cooler pump in it, but has

tailshaft setup for one. I never used it and had it removed as my trans

temps were never excessive. Includes Shifter. $2k


Complete deal - ready to drop in your car. $10k


Drop 2 seconds a lap with the Jerico alone


For detailed questions please contact me at rt1 at airmail dot net

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