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I want more Horsepower...who doesn't?


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I sure do enjoy pushing you big V8s thru the corners, but it sure isn't any fun having you guys blow the doors off of my 155 HP BMW on anything close to a straight. Having a BMW gives me several options. I could swap in an E36 M3 engine and make 240 HP, the 740i 4.0 or 4.4 liter V8 will make 300-350 HP, or I could supercharge the engine that is in the car. But like anything German, these options all carry a BIG price tag. Just parts alone, I'm looking at 3-4k for the M3 eng/trans, 5-9k for the 740i eng/trans, and 3-4k to supercherge. Today I had an epiphany. American HP and German handling!!!!!!! The only problem is that in my 24 years of car ownership, the biggest amercan engine I ever owned was the V6 in my 88 chevy truck.

Now begins the research stage. So I might as well start here and ask all of you experts.


My first thought is to use Mustang power, but I don't really care if it's Ford or Chevy.


My biggest limitation is space. Are there any good websites that have physical dimensions and weights of different engines?



Any suggestions, ideas or warnings you want to offer up will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance, Mark

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I agree a LS6 GM V8 will do the trick. DO a heads/cam package on while you are in there and have 500HP on tap. $5000 will buy a new 405HP crate motor from GM. $5000 into anything BMW will not very far. Also the LS6 has an alunimum block/heads so the weight of it might not be far from what you have now.

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