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ZR-1 Replica Wheels for Sale (2 sets)


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I have eight ZR-1 Replica Wheels for sale. The wheels are 17x9.5 inches with 56mm offsets (4th gen f-body offset). These exact wheels are currently selling for $167 each at tires.com. I purchased 4 of these wheels new (from tires.com) at the start of the 2004 race season. The other 4 wheels came with my car, which I purchased in October 2003 and were puchased by the previous owner in the spring of 2003.


Pics here:


Note that each picture can be viewed with a resolution up to 1280x960. If you would like a specific picture taken of a specific wheel, let me know and I'll take extreme closeups with flash of whatever you would like to see more clearly.


Wheels 1-6 are in very good condition. Look closely at the pictures including the inside face of the wheels. I took a quick pass at cleaning them today and they could come cleaner (I didn't fool much with the recesses for the wheel lugs, for instance). Wheels 7 and 8 have some sort of de-lamination around the outer edge of the rim. I am pretty sure that an SOS pad would clean this de-lamination up, but it will take some of the finish off which would make these harder to keep clean later.


I am looking to sell these wheels in sets of 4.


For a set of 4 wheels chosen from wheels 1-6, I will let the set go for $500 plus shipping. For a set of 4 wheels with two wheels from wheels 1-6 and wheels 7 and 8, I will let that set go for $450 plus shipping.


I am selling these wheels because I am changing from AI to CMC for 2005 and these wheels are not legal for CMC.

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Sorry, all of the wheels have been sold. You might want to try tires.com, last I checked, these wheels were available for $167 each, shipped to your door. Just be mindful that they are a little heavy at about 25lbs each.


Good luck.

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