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I just wanted to pass on a great find:


If your experience is anything like mine, you may have a very difficult time finding a reputable engine builder for your race or high performance honda engines. After several years of searching, our team is lucky enough to have found a VERY experienced race engine builder in Mike Simmonds who's quality, knowledge, and workmanship is second to none.


With over 40 years of experience in building race engines, Mr. Simmonds has a long and successful track record in the sport and a distinguished clientele. If you are planning on having an engine built for the '05 season (or maybe are seeking a very high-performance street engine) consider giving a call to Mr. Simmonds directly at (360) 674-7359 and ask for Aussie. I know for a fact he is not the cheapest engine builder around, he's also not the most expensive, but he may be the best!


Aussie builds our road race ITR motors for World Challenge and USTCC, however, he also has REALLY extensive knowledge of drag motors and forced induction applications on anything from Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, as well as domestic small and big bore engines.


I hope this may help any of you H1 competitors looking to build engines for the '05 season! Make plans now b/c the off season is typically a busy time for top engine builders like Aussie since teams want their motors built over the winter in time for testing for the '05 season.

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