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AI or AIX project Mustang


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this is an ex- road race mustang. it is a caged car that comes with the factory front sub-frame and control arms. the 8.8 inch rear end comes with the car, and is fitted with a detroit locker, 3.55 gears, and axles (all of which are not assembled). the factory steering shaft and rack and pinion is also on the car. the car is also fully gutted. it has never had an accident and is perfectly straight. this is the ideal platform to build a road-race car on. it has all the factory glass in it, but the windshield needs to be replaced and there is no hood on the car. the hood and the trunk are pinned. the body is in good condition other than the roof, which is dented in the front as the hood blew open once and that is why there is no hood. the car comes with a stock T-5 tranny (excellent condition) and bell housing, with Pro 5.0 short-shift kit and momo shifter knob. the roll cage is extremely stout and is the same thickness and diameter as NASCAR uses. included with the car is a complete NASCAR 22 gallon fuel cell. the drivers door is three row with bars going down as well. there are other miscellanious additions to the car that are an added bonus. the cage alone cost me $1,600 to have built. the car also has a panhard bar.


call emerson at 704 763-3808 if interested.


or email - [email protected]




pictures available on request.

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