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Moving up to a larger trailer, no reason to keep this one...


2005 enclosed made by East Tenn.Trailer company. Dual 3500lb axles, tires are 1 year old. Brakes on both axles. I bought the trailer 6/07, redid the entire interior. Trailer's in good shape, a few dings and scratches on the outside, but nothing significant. Everything works, a couple of the exterior marker lights are missing their covers, but that's all. Current inspection, done 7/08. RV style plug.

Additions include:

Spare tire on wall mount, never used

120V wiring throughout - includes breaker box installed in center cabinet, with exterior feed in weatherproof box. 4 or 5 interior 120v outlets.

3 dual 4' interior fluorescent lights

Small AC unit in the front wall - makes VIR in the summer somewhat bearable

6' tall closet and 2 30" wide cabinets in the nose - lightweight plastic - with workbench on top

Storage racks for popup, folding chairs, small parts bins, etc....

Single 12v interior ceiling light

Rubber floor with tire stop - can be moved easily, 4 screws hold it to floor. 4 recessed tie down hooks.

White luan interior walls in new condition, mounted over 3/8" plywood

12v winch under center cabinet, with battery in cabinet

4' Aluminum folding tire rack - my 88 mustang will load fit underneath it fine.

Aluminum workstation/oil rack, etc. mounted on door

Small 30" aluminum storage tray - mounted on R side over cabinets - Holds oil and small tools.

(fire extinguisher and trash can not included, will move these into new trailer - other aluminum pieces optional)

Vent in top, the crank is broken but trailer comes with a compete new vent ready to be installed..

ATP on rear door and flap


Paid 5000 for the trailer before any additions..... Asking 4600 with the aluminum add-ons, 4250 without. Open to offers as well.


Oh yeah, the weight distribution hitch and sway bar go with the trailer - that's about $3-400 worth of hardware right there... Towed with a 2004 Dodge 1500 hemi, which pulled it fine except on the long hills going to MidOhio...

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Trailer weight is not listed on the tag... pic below.... I'd guess it weighs somewhere around 3200lbs as that seems to be the ballpark for 20' boxes... The cabinets, etc will add a bit but not much, as they're all lightweight materials.




The total length of the trailer is 23' (3' tongue) , with the weight distribution hitch extending another 12" off the bumper of the two vehicle...

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