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AIM MXL GPS data files


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I just bought the add-on GPS unit for my MXL Pista dash. Instead of gathering the GPS data and setting it up after the first session, I'd rather steal your data. I need the GPK and the MPK file from your computer. This year I am particularly interested in Mid-Ohio and Road Atlanta, but I am planning on hitting Sebring, VIR and Road America in the near future so I would love those files as well.


If you know anybody that has a MXL dash with the GPS add-on please point them to this thread.


I may even host all this data on my website so people can share this data.




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For people that have the GPS add-on but don't have an idea of how to get the data, these are the steps..


Using the GPS is NOT intuitive. Here is what you need to do:

1. go here and download "GPS manager" and install it. http://aim-sportline.com/pages/download/section_software.php

2. find your data folder in the AIM program folders. If you didn't specify a location it is probably the AIM_SPORT/RaceStudio2/DATA folder.

3. Doesn't matter which run, but pick one that is the smallest file size that has a complete lap. You need the GPK file. Copy that file. You will need to send me that file, but you need to copy it to another location first.

4. Go back to the AIM_SPORT folder. Find the GPSManager/TRACK folder. Paste the GPK file from step 3 here.

5. hook computer up to logger

6. open GPS Manager

7. near the upper left corner is a button that says "Read mpk-data from GPS"...click that. You will see the box below that populate with the file from the GPS.

8. click the check box on the left and then click on the button in the middle near the top that says "add selected mpk data to database". It should then appear on the right side.

9. in the 2nd column on the right check that check box. You should see the track map appear in the big box on the bottom.

10. next click the box that says "assign a track data file to the corrent mpk data". You will see a box pop up...select the file that you copied in step 4.

11. If you want to you can click the box that says "modify current mpk data" and enter the track name, configuration, and town.

12. If you did the GPS setup on the first lap on the track via the dash you should see some "X"s around the track. If you just set the start/finish you will see a red "X" there. There should also be a green "X" when the logger was turned on. If click anywhere on the track map it will move the green "X" to that point. To set up segments click the "set with cursor position coordinates. Start with "split 1" and repeat as you see fit.

13. You will need to upload this data back to the logger via the "send selected mpk data to the GPS (Substitute the list)" button.


I need the GPK file from step 4 and the MPL file you need to generate now. Click the "Export selected mpk dat to a file" button on the middle of the right side of the screen. Rename it to the track name and save it where you can find it.


Email them to spam at heersink daht org

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I gathered the data myself at Mid Ohio over Memorial Day. Had issues though. Have one good session with data from me manually setting the S/F line....BUT it seemed like the logger moved the point from S/F to around the first corner. Was strange, but that is what it appeared (either that or there is a lag of like 15 seconds which I doubt). After that session I downloaded the data and tried to put splits in via GPS manager. Next session out was one huge 37 minute lap. I tried to fix it for the next session, but I couldn't get the logger to sync with my computer. I sent the logger to AIM and it turns out the download cable failed (2nd failure of a data cable with the AIM unit). I got the logger back last week and tried to verify the tracks are loaded properly and it appears they are, but I can't test them til I return to a track I have been to. I have the files for Motorsport Ranch, Texas World, Eagles Canyon (got that from the guy I bought my AIM thru- but I haven't been to that track since I got the GPS), and Mid Ohio. I will be at Hallett tomorrow and will have more time to play around and hopefully it will go smooth and I don't see any more long single laps.


I can update next week.

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Mixed results at Hallet this weekend. Friday instructor day was half reverse direction, and half normal direction. My car was running high water and oil temps, so I didn't go out much. Reverse direction was first and I tried to set up the S/F and splits via the dash on the track. Next session out, got one long lap. Went into GPS manager and fixed it. Didn't test it out again that direction. Same results going the normal direction. After fixing it in GPS manager it seemed to work right the rest of the weekend.

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