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I Want A Mid Ohio Recap ASAP

CARVAL Motorsports

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WOW Korey!!! Congratulations! GTS3???


What new bombshell is he driving??? (I must have watched that Championship Video at least 50 times, watching the old car get the boot )

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Korey did an awesome job all weekend in GTS3 driving his well prepped M3 he aquired in the off season.Though its a little tough to get used to the new Orange livery He didn't make any mistakes, improved his laptimes all weekend and took the overall/GTS3 win in all three race's. Way to go !! In GTS2 Scott Good was back to his old ways. Taking the GTS2 win in all three races. His car looks great with all the new aero and seems to run very well too!! There was some good GTS2 battles for 2nd and 3rd between Mike Ward and Brad Waite in his newly prepared Porsche. There were some other battles going on, but I can't recall them all at the moment. I know Marc Ruhling had motor troubles with his GTS4 Porsche Turbo and retired for the weekend. I'm sure someone else will post more.


Scott Good did an excellent job as the GL. GTS director on his first race weekend under fire. Everything seemed to go very smooth. He had some cool goodies for the racers and came up with a nice award for the driver picked as the Corner workers choice. Thanks for stepping up.



-Scott B.

(weekend Spectator)

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Well here is my story:


Got up at 4:30 am and drove to MO in the rain and got there about 8am. I had just picked up the car on Wednesday nite after it was at the mechanic all winter. After the 1st rain session the clutch/ta just didn't feel right. After the 2nd rain session the clutch would not release or I could not get the t/a into gear. I drove back to Dayton Ohio and arrived there at 5pm. By 6:15 it was determined that the fidanza FW had broken a bolt and that was the issue. I had the used dual mass FW so my wife brought it to Dayton from Cincinnati. By 8:30 it was done and I drove back to MO arriving by 11:30pm. I finally got to bed in the Trailer-Hotel by 12:30am! Boy was it cold!!


The races Saturday were some of the best closest racing I have been in. It was constant close racing dicing under, around and thru traffic. Thanks so much to the cars that we were so rudely moving thru for watching for us and gicing us racing room!!!


2nd thru 4th or 5th place in GTS-2 were in constant contention in all 3 races.



In the race on Sunday I was chasing Brad Waite and he got around a red miata before madness. I made a pass on the the miata at the bottom of madness but got completely sideways and almost lost it. Many thanks to the red Miata driving for giving me plenty of room. I have no idea how he was able to avoid me!!!!


All in all it was a fun weekend of great racing.

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Sorry for the delay on this. The write-up below was already shared with the GL GTS drivers and GRM magazine but Ian asked me to post it here, too....


NASA Great Lakes GTS racing season starts with a bang


NASA Great Lakes racing started last weekend at Mid-Ohio with a racing triple-header. Two races on Saturday and another on a beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon found lap records falling and first-time winners throughout most of the GTS field. On a weekend when several of the GTS regulars watched from the hillside in Turn 8 because of a variety of car issues, 16 GTS drivers (including 9 in GTS2) fought it out for bragging rights and Regional Championship points.


Korey Deason, driving Sean Tillinghast's former car in its new orange livery, led the field from flag to flag for all three races. In the process he won his first-ever GTS race (and his second and third, for that matter) and on Sunday came within half a second of the GTS3 lap record for Mid-Ohio's club course.


GTS1 saw another first time winner and a new track record as Kevin Gibson and his BMW won both of Saturday's races and, in the process, dropped the GTS1 lap record to 1:45.464, beating the old record by 1.2 seconds. Sunday found Bill Edwards on the top step of the GTS1 podium.


In Saturday's first race, Marc Ruhling in his Turbo 944 took the GTS4 win, another first-time winner. Unfortunately, engine problems prevented him from finishing the rest of the weekend.


The best racing of the weekend was in GTS2 where the 2nd through 7th place cars were practically nose-to-tail with one another for the length of all three races. In Saturday's second race, that group's fastest lap times were all within 0.9 seconds of the 2nd place car (driven by Brad Waite) and all six of them finished within 9 seconds of one another. The undisputed leader of GTS2 this weekend, though, was Scott Good whose winter tweaks brought three wins, all by 25 or more seconds, while also lowering the GTS2 club course record by a second and a half to 1:40.381.


But the biggest surprise of the weekend was Paul Milligan who, after getting his Competition License during Friday's Comp School proceeded to finish 5th and 6th in Saturday's races (his first ever), win the GTS Worker's Choice award Saturday night, and then take the GTS2 pole for Sunday's race (after winning the tie-breaker with Brad Waite after both posted identical qualifying times to the thousandth of a second!). Ultimately, Paul was disqualified from Sunday's race after a fuel miscalculation left him 10 pounds under weight following the race but you wouldn't have known it from the smile on his face. A hard break to end a terrific weekend with but you can be sure we'll see a lot more of Paul at the front of the GTS2 pack

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That is really amazing. Everyone was saying attendance would be down because of Easter weekend, almost 10 cars in GTS-2!

I'm hoping to qualify for comp school and join the GTS-2 crowd by july/august. I think I picked a good place to race.

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Great to hear there were that many cars....I may have to switch regions! GTS2 numbers in the Midwest are not looking all that good right now....


Damon in STL

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