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Anybody have Sparco Evo 2's In a mustang?


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And be willing to share how they are mounted? I just got a set for my HPDEr. I used the Sparco Mustang mounts and the side mounts with the Recaro slider's and I need to shift them about 2" inward so the door will close (they are not gutted, yet...). Currently I have the sawzall, a piece of 3/16 x 2" x 3' steel and a mig welder that's going to do SOMETHING to make them fit, but if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them. I've already hacked off the inside belt mount that was on the mustang mount to give me some more room to shift sideways but other than that I'm at a loss. Pics would be great!




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Why are you using Recaro sliders instead of Sparco?


For the EVO 2's the recaro handle that attaches the two sliders together is wider so they fit the EVO 2's better (evo 2 = fat version of evo haha). That's really the only difference between the sparco and recaro slider other than the recaro's seem to be a litter nicer made as well. Bolt holes are pretty much in the same spot.


Find out anything on my trans?



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