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GTS Live WebCast Coverage at the 2009 National Championships


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Hey GTSers (GTSites, GTSians?) - would you like your friends and family to be able to watch a LIVE, high quality webcast of our GTS National Championship race? SpeedCastTV.com and NASA have been working on a program to do just that(http://www.nasaproracing.com/2009/04/2009-nasa-championships-broadc.html) and are working out the final details. Now, here's the pitch: In order to feature the GTS race, we need to come up with $4500 dollars (as do the other series that want to be covered), so I am looking for a company or companies to sponsor our race. Advertising during the race (banner, "brought to you by" references, etc.) is available to sponsors. I am asking you all if you have any suggestions or ideas on avenues/companies to pursue to make this a reality. If you have contacts already that wouldn't mind talking to me about this, please let me know.


As referenced in the news release, any WebCastTV.com silver member can give out 30-day free trials to friends and family members during the month of September.


Please contact me with any recommendations by posting here, emailing me at [email protected], or calling me (or have potential sponsors call me) at 720.270.2147.



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