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Question for others with cars posted For Sale


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I’ve posted my ’87 Mustang for sale on this board as well as in a recent issue of Grassroots Motorsports and have a question for others posting cars for sale:


Am I the only one getting offers from people claiming to be in Africa (or other locations outside the U.S.) and who want to have a third party send a cashier’s check for more than the asking amount?


I’ve received several offers like this asking me to cash the check, deduct my asking price and forward them the balance. Unless this represents some shift in the global economy, I’m pretty sure there’s something not quite right here. Or maybe I’m the only one getting these and it’s just a coincidence? Maybe there’s a market for Mustangs to run bootleg elephant tusks across the country? Seems unlikely!




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You would be suprised at the mail/web/phone scams out there. I continue to get letters from all over the world sent to my business asking similar requests for large wire transfers. Doing international business or having things on the web seems to get these guy's attention.


It is a scam of course, they send you a check, you deposit it and of course your bank will give you a portion of the total, (you have your own money in the bank) that you send off to your new friend in upper botswanna. He gets your cash (or worse your checking account number) and the check you deposit bounces leaving you out the cash you sent plus the bank charges.


It sucks that people sit around and think this s*&%t up.


Good Luck

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