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California HC- Come Race with us


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We would like to get a group of California Honda Challenge cars to come race with us November 26-28th and Phoenix International Race Way.


If you can get 10 cars together we will offer you each $100 off your entry fees.


Let me know if you want to come race and I will get you taken car of.

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damn there's some good drivers in HPDE running hondas out here...you guys really need to come out, I know a couple of the guys here have done independent track events out there with Redline. Here's a list of regular HPDE Honda drivers to possibly entice some of you.


98 ITR

95 EG w/ B16B

00 CTR(yeah it's real)

89 CRX Si w/ B16

91 DA w/ B20

01 S2K

00 Si


These are just a few of my personal friends including myself that will be running...hurry you only have a few more days!!!

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Damn, Sam! Give us a raincheck on this offer?? Mapquest says it's 700+ miles from my house to PIR, but only 11 hours... Obviously, Mapquest is not towing a car at 55 mph!


Unlike BrianZ w/time but no car, I have a car but it's too late for me to ask for time off from work. I could arrive Friday afternoon/night (leaving Thurs after Thksgiving turkey? maybe not!) Then I'd have to split sometime 0-dark hundred Sunday AM in order to be at work Monday. I'm not as young as I used to be and can't pull a 10-hr shift at work after driving all night anymore... It doesn't really make any sense to come all the way down there for Saturday only !


Too bad: I'd love to take you up on your offer as well as drive on another track ...

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Hey AZ guys. Don't worry, it'll happen. Just give us some more notice. I for one would love to come down there and run with you guys. One thing though; make sure you schedule it later in the year so I'll have to recover my car from the 25 hour.


Extend the same offer to all CA HC drivers and we could see a HUGE field. At the buttonwillow crossover there were 35+ hondas if memory serves. With all of us we could see nearly 50! Why don't we make it like an unoffical regional championship or something. What do ya think Ryan...if you are watching?

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