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WOW Thank you all NASA Folks at Buttonwillow 11/13-11/14


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Wow what a simply amazing time I had this weekend! I really must say that with all the situations that developed this weekend, from the rain on Sat. morning, to the dense fog on Sun., while making the start of each day an emotional bummer, the officials acted so quickly, and professionally to salvage the situations, that by the end of each day I couldn't stop speaking of what an awesome day that I just had!


I personally want to thank each and every racer on Sunday. I know that you all suffered a little to benefit all of us HPDE, and Driving Concepts folks. My good friend already has his race series determined last month, but I know some were probably still in a pitched battle right up to the last race on Sunday. I can only imagine how you felt. I know it is easier for me to say, but I truly believe that through the HPDE that NASA will get more, and more exposure, and with that draw more and more sponsors to this amazing racing organization that SO TOTALLY DESERVES much more media recognition (if you just look at how full the HPDE 1 & 2 groups were, and how they filled up so quickly).


I used to recommend to other performance car drivers to try and do a NASA HPDE as their first event. Now I can only say that NO newbie ever do a track event unless they have been thru the HPDE classes FIRST!

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