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FS: 16' open trailer - Fredericksburg, VA


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FS: 16' AllProWest open deck trailer with dovetail


Price: $2150


Location: Fredericksburg, VA


Phone: 540-226-9205


Extras: Spare tire, tie-down straps


Notes: Built Nov 2008; first titled in 2009- darn near brand new


Previous owner: Calvin Myint(Hobbs5313 on S2KI.com) - 1st owner


I purchased this trailer Saturday May 23, 2009, from Calvin and have not titled it yet in my name. I was initially under the impression that it was a closed-deck trailer, but purchased it even after seeing it before money was exchanged. For my front deck build, we did use the 28' enclosed trailer to get lumber, however, using a shorter, open trailer would be a little easier to use in those situations. Being an open deck, it does afford one the opportunity to work on a car while on the trailer, however, it is not as convenient for the dual purposes I had in mind.


I have not used the trailer to move any cars. I simply picked it up from Calvin Saturday and drove it back to Fredericksburg(did stop at Lowe's for a couple 2x12x16'). Since the trailer was already attached, I went ahead and had it inspected here in Virginia.


Here is the link to the trailer company's webpage that has the trailer listed on it. I thought I was buying trailer #2002 when in fact, the trailer is #2003. http://www.allprowest.com/3Open_CarHaulers.html . The price listed on the site does not include the spare tire(an option) nor does it include the 6 straps that came with my purchase from Calvin. The trailer feels solid and able to carry out car-carrying chores. Brakes on all wheels is



If the pictures do not appear here, please check this thread on S2KI.com: http://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=209&t=702486

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