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Harnesses (5/6 point), Roll cages, and their legality

h22 bb6

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I'm quickly getting into auto-xing with the SCCA but I would also like to get into some HPDE's in the NE area. There are a lot of great tracks around me (Lime Rock, VIR, Beaver Run, Watkins Glen, etc.).


I recently purchased a set of Sparco Torino's for my '01 Prelude and was looking to add some harnesses for auto-x and HPDE competition. I read through the NASA Rules and Regs. PDF and it seems like I am required to purchase a full roll bar/cage with harness support and can only use 5 or 6-point harnesses, but I am unsure if that is limited to the snap variety or bolt variety.


Also, I was told my seats need to be FAI (or FEI) certified in order to allow them to be run.


Can someone shed some light on this confusing subject for me? Thanks in advance.

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I'd do a search in the HPDE section- there are several posts on these topics. Basically, if you add equipment to your car, it has to conform to the NASA safety rules for that equipment.


For in depth rules for HPDE participation please download the Club Codes and Regulations (CCR) to get specifications on racing harnesses, seats, roll bar, and other safety related items. As a general rule, an "unmodified" factory vehicle will pass tech without any problems, but cars that have been modified (seats, roll bars, belts, etc) must conform to the preparation rules listed in the rulebook.


So if you add a seat that is not FIA certified and exempted under the CCR, you'll need to run a seat back brace. If you are using harnesses, they must be attached in safe manner, as dictated by the rules. The goal is that these "safety" modification don't become safety liabilities.


If you have questions about your particular car/setup, I suggest you email and visit your Regional Director and/or Time Trial director. They will be able to check out your car in person before an event.

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