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Hi many of you have seen my car in person or on various sites unfortunately I no longer have the money or space to keep either one. The civic Si was bought for $3500 originally, then I put cage clean it up put some brakes, rotors, and bleed the system, took good care of it very fast car has solo 2 national and many wins under its belt. The second car is my Red ITC which won 3 years in a row regional champion. Use to have track records and both the glen and Nelson is fast cars both of them have titles. Since I need get rid of both of them I thought I would offer a package deal so for both of them $6500 which includes spare packages or without Spare package $6,000, if you look at the price it is to win in road racing and the price of many of the cars mine are the most cost effective and cheap way to win, there are many cars out there but how many of them are this much and have these credentials, Bottom line is this a great deal, I am sure if you waited and sold one during the spring you could make a profit but unfortantly I cannot wait untill then, I need them gone. so if you would like to get into road racing or have a cool street car this the way to go, There is over $11k invest in both of these cars don't let this great deal pass you by I will except trades but prefer cash with the trade, Go-kart Super can, Tag Kart, or animal kart. Really any trade doesn't matter, just ask. The links are below and would appreciate your intrest


PRICE: $6500 with spare or without $6,000


Trade Value:$7500 OBO


FS:90 Civic SI


FS:90 civic ITC race car


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