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Midwest or Arizona track records?


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Hi Jim,

We should be able to send you a list of track records and the '04 class winners after our last race Nov 26-28th. I posted something on HT to have our racers send you a bio along with a photo(s).




I'd also like to see a couple of crossover events for Cal/Az in the future..


How do other regions do it? I realize the numbers in Cal are much larger but surely their must be some desire to hit other tracks......


What would it take to get a WC regional race over in Az?


Just something for future discusion......



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I remember at one time there was discussion of a NV/CA/AZ "regional" event. "King of the Desert" or something...


Maybe for 2005 we could do it at the end of the year like a Southwest season championship? I guess as long as it doesn't interfere with the 25 Hour. The only other time there's a big hole in the schedule is August and I'm not sure we want to have a desert event in August

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