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For Sale: Overall and ES Winning PorVette endurance/ST1 car

life is good racing

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Hello All,


Just when the PorVette is at its peak potential, it is available for a very lucky buyer. Over $100k invested in top notch components and development.


I just got married and want to buy land and build our own house, so would like to sell my PorVette baby. Trades are also possible for Construction Professionals.


Race Rig also for sale as a package with car or separately after call sells (see info at end of post).


To buy PorVette or PorVette & Race Rig, contact Steve Rea at (310) 913-0742 or at [email protected] .

Many track photos seen at: http://gallery.me.com/steve.rea/100168" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Username: racer

Password: racer


PorVette price - $32,900 or best offer

Racing/Tow Rig price - $14,900 or best offer

PorVette & Racing Rig combo price - $42,900 or best offer


Below is main car info and detailed specs (also available emailed as an attachment for easy viewing):


Top notch components

the Best of the Porsche Chassis

Corvette power (500+ HP) & drivetrain



• Western Endurance Racing Championship (3 hour enduros) –

o Multiple time ES (Super Unlimited) class winner

o Overall Race Winner and Overall 2nd Place finisher

• Completed 25 Hours of Thunderhill without mechanical issues

o 3rd fastest car time with previous LS1 (less powerful) engine package

2+ hour stints with 32 gallon fuel cell (ultra advantage for enduros)

2550lbs. dry (approx.)

• 51.5% front / 48.5% rear balance

• 50% / 50% perfect corner balance (with driver and approx. ½ fuel)

• 18”x 13”rr, 11”fr wheels to maximize power and cornering performance

Brand new LS2 engine (500+HP) – 4 stage dry sump, 5 gallon oil tank, World Challenge cam specs, Lingenfelter heads, forged/balanced internals, Exedy clutch & flywheel

• Ready to compete and Win in WERC Enduros, 25 Hours of Thunderhill, NASA Nationals ST1 class and…

Top Notch Components (Recaro, Tilton, Stoptech, Pagid, Mahle, Exedy, LG Motorsports, Pfadt Race Engineering, Racepak, Sparco, CCW, Porsche)

• Sponsors: Exedy Clutch, Stoptech Brakes, Pfadt Race Engineering, Tarrett Engineering, GT-Racing bodywork,

o If buyer will campaign car competitively, we can try to transfer sponsorships



Detailed Specs:


Porsche 951 chassis with LeMans Widebody

2550lbs. dry weight (approx.)

Corvette LS2, dry-sump, forged and balance race engine (zero race hours)

- Barnes 4 stage dry sump system, 5 gallon tank (perfect for endurance racing)

- forged Mahle pistons

- balance Eagle crank

- forged rods

- custom cam grind to approx. World Challenge specs

- Evans high flow water pump (never has overheated in 100+ temps)

- New Aeromotive (FAST) fuel rails, fuel pump and RC Eng. injectors

- F.A.S.T. 93mm throttle body and intake

- Exedy twin disk clutch and flywheel

Corvette LS6 torque tube, transmission/differential and rear dual A-Arm suspension:

- transmission/differential – RPM Level V for both

- LG Motorsports World Challenge race winning rear coilover set

- Spherical bearings (Pfadt Race Eng.)

- Pfadt Race Engineering – camber kit, sway bar

Front Suspension:

- Porsche Supercup coilovers

- Porsche 996 hubs

- Engineered geometry for more caster and faster cornering

- Electric power steering (reduce drag on engine, increase reliability,adjustable)

Brake System:

- Stoptech front and rear brake system (4 piston calipers)

(rotors approx. 14” front / 13” rear)

- Tilton 3 pedal assembly, floor mounted with

- dual brake master cylinder

- brake bias adjuster in cabin

- 2 sets of hats and rotors

- 2 sets Pagid Yellow pads with lots of pad left, 1 set shorter enduro pads(good life left)


18” x 13” rears

18” x 11” fronts

CCW forged, lightweight racing wheels (Corsair)

32 Gallon ATL fuel cell (has allowed for 2+ hour stints in enduros)

Datalogging System:

Racepak G2X datalogger

Racepak Water temp, Oil temp, Oil pressure gauges w/sensors

(datalogs trackmap, split time, etc., plus all the gauges data too!)

Seat – Recaro top of the line seat that ran in the GT3 Cup cars (with head support)

Sparco sliders

Steering wheel – Sparco (all) wheel, quick release, and extension

Fire system

Carbon fiber dash panel

Shields polycarbonate windshield and hatch (same makers of Rolex winning ones)



Wheels – 6 extra CCW

Endurance/Night Race Light bar (worth over $2000):

4 lights on bar - PIAA 6” HID – ultra high performance with small 6” profile

Spare half shafts, hubs, springs misc. items



All-In-One Racing Rig:


All-In-One: Tow vehicle, trailer, car/tire/parts storage, living quarters (sleeps 5)

Save money and gas by not having to drive a gas guzzling truck/SUV as your daily driver, only used occasionally for towing a trailer

Be free of worry about pick-up truck/SUV transmission problems with towing

Save $$$ by Insuring as a Motorhome, but receive benefits of a full Racing Rig

o Registered with DMV and insured as a Motorhome

o SAVE Thousands $$$ per year in insurance as a Motorhome vs. truck/rig

Standard drivers license OK – no Commercial drivers license has been needed (standard brakes, not air-brakes)

Limitless possibilities for customization per your or your race team’s needs

2 or 3 Car Race Team option – just add a tow hitch and tow a stacked trailer


20’ Racecar garage

- New epoxy finish floor

- 3 tire racks, full width capable of storing 4-6 sets tires (depends on sizes)

- access doors from rear and both sides

- storage racks with room to customize for your specific application and needs

- electrical hook-up for rig with overhead lighting and electrical outlets

- wide pass-through door to living area allows for rolling large toolboxes, pit-bike, small pit-box or large items there for storage or during transport

- 9000 lb. winch for pulling racecar up ramps

- new ultra-heavy duty aluminum ramps

- 2 height adjustable benches/tables/sleeping bunks


14’ Living quarters area

- kitchen with 2 burner stove on countertop, small fridge and sink

- bathroom with toilet, hot water shower and its own sink

- queen size bed area over driver compartment

- extra long single bunk or large storage area

- small heater



- International 1990

- World renown, incredible DT466 Diesel engine workhorse reliability

- New Tires

- Very easy to drive and maneuver box truck design (vs. truck-trailer)

- Excellent maintenance – regular fluids change, chassis lube and service

- Recently replaced with new

o Alternator and batteries

o Brake calipers and brake lines

o Radiator reservoir and lines

- Stainless steel, wide 2 door underbody storage box

- Endura, very high end protective paint on entire truck

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Found a very interesting piece of land for a home, so would love to sell.


Reduced prices:


PorVette price - $32,900 or best offer

Racing/Tow Rig price - $14,900 or best offer

PorVette & Racing Rig combo price - $42,900 or best offer


There is a lot of good interest in the Tow Rig, so I dropped the car price only.


Make me a reasonable offer and let's talk.






[email protected]

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New Price

PorVette - $32,900 obo

Tow Rig - $14,900 obo


Call Steve at (310) 913-0742 if interested.


Thank you.

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That's one interesting car, and a low price at that. Just curious as to why you are selling, moved on to another class or done with the racing business altogether?

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Good questions, as believe me it's a hard one to sell, especially now that it's very fast and has the new LS2 forged, dry sump engine.


I recently got married in May and we just purchased some land to build a new family home. I am selling to help build our new home. It would be great to sell to someone who will appreciate and compete with this beauty, not to mention I might try to arrange possible rentals in the future.


Are you looking to buy?



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No, sorry if there was some confusion there. I'm just kid so I'm not exactly in the position to buy a car unless it's some sort of every day grocery getter Thanks though

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*** PorVette is chosen for the honor of the December full page photo on Grassroots Motorsports 2010 Calendar, in respect for the great endurance race of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill ***


This is your chance to own a part of this history and to be very fast and competitive in Enduros or Sprint Races.


To keep this great car rolling in competition, new price:

$32,900 PorVette

$14,900 Tow/Race Rig

$42,900 Combined


Call Steve at (310) 913-0742 or email to [email protected]



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