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Shelby Lancer for TTF $500


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I have an 87 Shelby Lancer available that could be used as a very inexpensive TTF car. Those of you that have driven the various Shelby Dodge cars will probably agree that the Lancer although heavier than the others seemed to be very well balanced. This car ran when it was parked about a year ago. All "Shelby" insignia have been removed to restore another Lancer, but all of the "aero" parts are there. I also have a set of Shelby Lancer wheels available, but would recommend some alternate wheels for NASA's TT series. Price: $500.00. Car is located in Burbank, California.

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i want to buy the car and i am wondering if you would be willing to pay for shipping and do you have any pictures bacause i want to buy the car.


I had also posted this car on the So. Cal forum where I added the following:

"P.S. This is being posted here [so Cal forum] as well as in the "For Sale" forum for two reasons: (1) it is not really a "race" car; and (2) it is probably more practical for someone here in SoCal due to the prohibitive cost of shipping."


I have shipped a couple cars across the country, and the last one (a Shelby Omni GLHS) cost about $700.00. Since it was in very good condition overall, it was worth shipping. However, that was a few years ago, and with the increase in fuel costs, I wouldn't doubt that the shipping cost has increased. In any event, I would not be willing to absorb the cost of shipping, particularly given the projected sales price.


If you are looking for a TT car, you could find another Shelby Lancer in your area, or alternatively, pick up any85-88 Dodge Lancer (or Chrysler Lebaron GTS) and add an intercooler and perhaps replacement springs and/or shocks. The overall cost should be fairly light.


As for the Shelby Lancer in Burbank. it will need new shocks (replace with original Monroe shocks or KYB) and probably a rebuilt turbo. Gut the interior and add a roll bar (which is not required at this point). Add wheels (e.g. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 or Pro Race 2 at about $500 per set) and a set of Falken Azenis tires ($300-400 per set); and go have fun. Oh yeah, don't forget to add the numbers.

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