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MyChron 3 Gold Auto- SOLD


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I have a sweet data acquisition / digital dash system for sale. It is a MyChron 3 Gold Auto. It integrates all the engine monitoring functions you would want (RPM, water and oil temps, oil pressure, EGT...) and adds data logging capability, including lateral Gs. Also included is track mapping capability and a transponder beacon for lap times to be displayed on the dash. Not to mention it has cool sequential shift lights and gear indicator, so you can feel like you are driving an F1 car...


Check this link for much more details;



I bought this for a planned new road race car I wanted to build, but my plans need to change. This system is new in box, never even installed. Included are all the parts, cable harness, software, and beacon. These are extremely small, well built units. The company making them got started in karting and they are rapidly expanding into auto racing.


The cheapest new ones I can find online are $850. I'll take $725.



[email protected]

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