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Laguna Seca -- petition to remove sound limits...


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After running a mostly stock full interior daily driver Subaru STI at Laguna Seca Nov 30th (an HPDE event), I was very disappointed with the sound restrictions. I find it hard to believe the county can enforce a 92 db restriction while the state & feds enforce a 98 db restriction. I was black flagged in 2 sessions and even replaced my muffler with a factory stock one and still got black flagged for sound.


With the exception of those very rare days where limit exceptions are permitted (which apparently don't fall onto any NASA club events), it has pretty much taken away the viability and enjoyment of such a nice facility as Laguna Seca.


I was wondering if there is any legal option (sue the county) that can be used to at least bring the minimum sound limit upto State & Federal standards of 98 db?


It was a shame to see so many drivers (paying customers) be forced to leave before 1/2 the day is over because of sound violations by the county. I realize NASA has no control over this, but I know NASA does have some legal staff.


I wish I could petition my county to force a 92 db limit, but then 70% of my neighborhood would be without transport. This smells too much of rich wealthy land owners and home builders with some even wealthier NEW residence using their $$$ to "adjust" state/fed governed sound limits for their little community. The race track was there long before these new wealthy residence moved into the area.


Why this is a concern for me and should be for all interested in road racing and/or HPDE events, I see the exact same pattern starting to happen at Infineon Raceway (aka Sears Point) with 98 db days and 103 db days. These are two very nice facilities that are essentially going to exclude the viability of club racing.


For NorCal NASA, what track is going to be left - Thunderhill only?

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I totally agree with your frustration. I went to a Leguna HPDE day in my Acura and lost two sessions. I am also very frustrated that NASA does not race at Leguna. It is a world famous track in our backyard, and we don't get to use it. SCCA seems to be able to manage getting a weekend there. I hope that NASA is trying hard to get us to be able to race there.

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Thanks for the support Brian, surely there are some wealthy road racers/teams and individuals out there (I certainly see many at the events) willing to toss some money in the right direction to save Laguna Seca and hopefully prevent Infineon from going the same route (if it is not already too late).

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Laguna doesn't have a sound limit. You simply need to pay them more.


"Team practice days are available at an unlimited sound level. These track days rent for $12,500.00 per day plus associated costs such as insurance, workers and ambulances, etc. These days are exclusive for teams that need to practice for a scheduled event here."

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I feel your pain..


BTW, T-hill has a 103 sound limit. its not strictly enforced, but that is what they claim.


As for the sound limits in general, I think it hurts the HPDE program the most. As a racer I have built my car to pass even laguna's strict sound levels at very minimal losses (mainly money). I would like to be able to run it wide open tho

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Yeah, it always boils down to money.


I guess the club events is where the county can justify their job. I can hear the county's office now "Look we tossed out 100 happless suckers ... and they probably paid for the abuse too..."


Real funny until they hit on a HPDE person that does indeed have a ton of cash to spend on lawyers -- and they do exist as I've seen enough Ferrari's and Lambo's and other exotics floating around in Group 2,3, sometimes 4.


Laguna does have some technical awareness to it, finding the camber in Turn 5, hitting the lip in Turn 6, getting the approach to the cork screw right, coming out of the cork screw right and setting up for T9, having patients with T10, getting the perfect launch out of T11, more patients in T2. It is a lot more technical than most people give it credit for.



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