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Well?! How'd the 25 hour race go?

Tim Comeau

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This past weekend's 25 Hour NASA Enduro at Thunderhill Raceway, in northern California, was again sponsored by the US Air Force. They added to the event in various ways including the opening ceremony color guard, and "unannounced" and perfectly timed (end of the national anthem)

F-16 low pass fly over with an immediate vertical climb using after burners. A great way to get the event underway.


61 cars started the race on the 3 mile course, with about 41 cars taking the checkered flag. There were no significant incidents to speak of, with the only one worth mentioning being an unassisted rollover where the driver walked away. The anticipated rain never materialized and very few full course yellows were used throughout the entire event.


The Radical challenged for the lead through most of the early part of the race, but could not match the overall winning "pro driven" Porsche RSR's pace. After being in the paddock for most of the last hour of the race, the Radical team got back out for the final laps and took the checkered. With their earlier lead, the Radical team was able to hold off and win the Endurance Sports Racer class. The Porsche RSR won overall.


(One of the Race Directors for the event)

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Tom: are the results posted somewhere? Detailed race summary? Thanks.

The race status was displayed live at the track throghout the race, and results were available at the end. However, I haven't seen them posted on the web yet (I don't have any connection with that task).

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Now that you mention it, I believe I heard that it was an F-15R.

I thanked the pilot on the phone afterward, but did not get clarificaiton as to his plane's specific model designation.

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the fly-by was AWSOME, first time i experanced anything like that, .



I was crewing for the Team PDQ motorsports team E2 Honda civic ex honda challange H4 spec car. We ended up winning are group and taking 7th overall.


Id like to thanks derek and Mike for putting together an awsome team of drivers and an awsome crew that was a pleasure to work with. Also would like to thank them for preparing such an awsome car. We were lucky and only had one major mechanical mis-hap and that was a passanger side rear wheel bearing going out. Other then that, it was 3 brake pad changes, and the normal tire and fuel stops.


team PDQ consisted of: drivers were: Mike Davirro, Roger Foo, Bill Hagerty, Jeff Lepper, Tom Lepper, Derek Ramsey & me. crew which were flawless, consisted of: Bill Beverly, Orlando Cagatao, Jimmy Chilcot, Shawn Hughes, Robyn Lepper, Lisa Lepper, Barrett Mitchel, Humbeto Ortiz, Mike Ponce, Emmett Mcnight, Pat Wong and Garrett Weldy

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The F15 hitting the afterburners was very, very cool. It sent shivers down my back. Thanks to the USAF for the sponsorship of the event. A even bigger thanks to all those in the military who protect us. Their sacrafice allows us the freedom to enjoy events like the 25 Hour.


I would like to Thank NASA for a very well run event. There were very little cases of body contact as it was made extremely clear that it wouldn't be tolerated. There were plenty of officials to make sure things ran smoothly. Timing & scoring ran very well. Everything ran ....great!


Jimmy, funny that you are thanking me & Derek. You guys, the crew, are just as important as the drivers. Everything ran smoothly because you guys all did your job extremely well. Remember the email I sent out before the race? I said I would put my team (drivers & crew) up against anyone there. You guys proved me right. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish against the many 'pro' teams out there. BTW, my mistake on Emmett's last name. It is McKnight. My sleep deprived brain could barely think straight before. Also, I didn't see Garrett Weldy in the list.


I want to thank all my drivers too. They all drove extremely well. They were fast, consistant & didn't break the car. That is all you can ask for in an enduro.


Before I forget, I want to say thanks to the GOTO Racing team. Even though they were knocked out with some bad luck, they let me keep using their computer. This was invaluable as it let us know where we were in relation to our competitors. This was especially true since we needed to nurse the car @ the end. I also want to thank them for the 'TAXI' sign. It brought us good luck & made our TAXI STAND pit space easy to find.




Even though Jimmy listed everyone, here it is again.


PDQ Motorsports 2004 25 Hour Enduro Team


Mike Davirro, Roger Foo, Bill Hagerty, Jeff Lepper, Tom Lepper,

Derek Ramsey & Mike Quan (me).

Crew: Bill Beverly, Orlando Cagatao, Jimmy Chilcot, Shawn Hughes, Robyn Lepper, Lisa Lepper, Emmett McKnight, Barrett Mitchel, Humbeto Ortiz, Mike Ponce, Garrett Weldy & Pat Wong.


The PDQ Motorsports Team would also like to say "Thanks!" to our sponsors. We couldn't have done it without you.

PDQ Motorsports http://www.pdqmotorsports.net

Auto Innovations http://www.autoinnovations.com

ACT http://www.advancedclutch.com

Cobalt Friction http://www.cobaltfriction.com

Griffin Motorwerk http://www.g-werke.com

Rota Wheels http://www.rotawheels.com

Toyo Tires http://www.toyo.com

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the rain came down today and is still coming down, thankfully it held out.


here are some of my photo's.








going down to take the checkered



Bill Haggerty took the checkered for Team PDQ motorsports.



team PDQ motorsports around the 71 car



the rest of the few pictures can be seen here


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