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C5 Vette Racecar for Sale VVC1


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I am selling my C5 racecar so I can buy a C6. The specs of my car are:




1999 Chevy Corvette FRC

12,xxx miles

Full 1 ¾” .120 Chromoly roll cage with NASCAR door bars on both sides.

2002 Z06 LS6 Engine

GM T1 PCM with Heinricy T1 Load.

Have SPARE PCM with LS1 Edit.

1 ¾” TPIS Long Tube Headers

Dr Gas X Pipe


Dual Remote Oil Filters

LG Motorsports Racing radiator with builtin Oil Cooler

Ported Heads – 853 Castings

Comp Cams 921-KIT (Dual Valve Springs, pushrods, etc)

Thunder Racing Cam shaft (236/230 .602/.575 112 LSA)

GM Performance T1 Suspension kit

GM Performance T1 Sachs shocks

Transmission Cooler kit w Filter

Sparco EVO2 seat with custom mount and seat back brace

Simpson 5pt Camlock harnesses

Simpson Window Net

Removable Steering wheel

M6 Transmission with Z06 Clutch Kit

10Lb FireSystems Fire Bottle

Two sets of GM GS wheels, one with Hoosier R3S03’s and another set with Hoosier Radial Wets.

Spares included. (Brake calipers, rotors, wheel bearings, etc)



Car has current NASA logbook and is 2004 OH/IN VVC1 Champ Car.


This is a great car and I have been debating selling it. If I am going to get into a C6 and start developing it I need to do it sooner than later. You won't find a better roll cage in any other C5 racecar. The cage was installed in Jan 04 by JP Racecars for $7200. This would make a great car for someone wanting to do NASA VetteViperChallenge, SCCA ITE, Corvette TCC or HPDE.


This is a fast car and if you are interested let me know as I can get you some pictures.

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I have been looking to buy and build a '97 to '99 Vette. I wasn't looking at spending $30,000 all at once, but I'm going to have to spend it anyways. I need to sell my car and see what I can get for it. If you still have your Vette maybe we can work something out. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

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KetchMe... I see you are in KY. I am in Cincy if you want to take a look at it. It's a very fast car. It quailified 4th, 3rd and two 2nds out of 25+ cars it last race.



Thanks Keith...

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I would really like to look at your Corvette, however, I don't think that I could afford it just yet. No sense in wasting your time if I can't come up with the money. If I can sell my car and don't have to pay taxes this year maybe I can scrap up enough cash. Jeff

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Thats cool.. Let me know..



BTW I noticed the pics of your car on the racerpix website. The black 3rd Gen Rx-7 that George Frazier drives. I sold that car to him about 4 years ago.


Damm I miss that car...

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